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Located in the foothills of the Pyrenees in Northern Spain, Espuña has been producing air-dried cured hams (serrano) and chorizo for more than 50 years, using traditional Catalan methods for the retail, wholesale and manufacturing markets. More recently, it has introduced its branded Tapas al Minuto range of microwavable tapas products into a number of retail and wholesale formats.

Espuña’s headquarters are located in the city of Olot. Two factories are also based there, one for multi-production and sliced products and another for serrano ham. A sliced products plant is based in Utrillas, while another multi-product factory is located in Argentina.

Exported products comprise almost 33% of the company’s total turnover. Although its presence is steadily spreading around the world, its main markets are concentrated in France, which provides more than 60% of export turnover; Portugal and Britain with 20%; and Germany with 5%. Espuña also exports to other countries which have high quality and food hygiene standards, such as Japan. The plant in Argentina allows Espuña to cover the needs of the developing South American market.

Serrano ham slices are the most successful products in all markets. In the Spanish market, serrano ham slices account for 45% of turnover, while in the international market the figure is 42%. Minute tapas amount to 25% of turnover in the overseas market.


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