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Polca was founded in 1969 by Mr Wilfried Pollet and Mr Herman Callewaert. The family business quickly evolved into one of the leading players for producing high quality patés, mainly specialising in patés on plates and in dishes.

Since joining his father in 1983, Geert Callewaert has transformed Polca into the high-performance, future-oriented company it is today.

In 1990, Polca moved into new premises, while further extensions and transformations kept in pace with the growing commercial success of the company. In September 2002, a new high-performance slicing department was added.

Today Polca produces 35 different flavours in coarse or semi-coarse patés, creams or mousses. Some specialities, such as the highly reputable Applepaté, continue to strengthen the fame of the Polca portfolio, which offers a wide variety of calibres and packaging ranging from 100g (3.5oz) up to 20kg (44lb).

Production is closely monitored by our Integrated Quality Service, which scrutinises the application of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points system. Polca has been a British Retail Consortium (BRC) Higher Level-certified company since June 2002.

Polca’s clients are among the most important retail sellers, importers or industrials in more than ten countries in the European Union.

Most sales are released under its famous Paté Grand-mère brand.


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