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Skare is a modern meat-processing company with head offices in Vejen, Denmark. It was founded on March 13, 1972, and today the SkareGroup employs 700 people.

Skare has earned its well-deserved reputation as one of the most efficient companies in the European food industry for boning, trimming and processing beef and veal, due to its uncompromising regard for high and uniform quality. At Skare Food, we also apply this demand for high quality to the processing of pork and poultry products.

Today, Skare Food is one of the most selected suppliers by restaurants, catering companies, retail chains and supermarkets across Europe. Processed quality products from Skare Food, either sold under private labels or under our own well-known and recognised brands, are produced using the most up-to date technology and conform to our high standards of hygiene. It is the Skare Food objective to ensure problem-free deliveries to our customers, using our thoroughly-tested, professional quality control system and suppliers who comply with the agreed specifications.

We respect our customer requirements, ensuring that all products are supplied at the right time, at the right place, and in the agreed quantities.


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