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Austrian hams and sausages are many and varied possibly influenced by the seven countries that border Austria. The famous Tyrolean Ham made from the finest pork reared on the small Alpine farms, dry-cured and heavily smoked has Protected Designation of Origin status and must be produced in the Austrian Tyrol. The robust Berner, a sausage made from fresh pork and wrapped in smoked spicy bacon which must be grilled is popular with skiers throughout the winter season. Kasewurst a hot smoked and cured slicing sausage flavoured with caraway and diced Emmental cheese, delicious sliced very thin in a sandwich with Austrian Mustard.

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Greisinger - Meat Products from Austria

670080301Austrian Farmers Ham 1/2s5 x 1.8kg120
675080301Honey Ham 1/2s4 x 2.6kg120
707080301Gusto Ham 1/2s4 x 2.5kg120
740080301Cooked Smoked Collar2 x 2.5kg120
180080301Cheese Sausage 1/2s3 x 1.2kg60
570110001Cabanossi 4s12 x 200g120
583110001Cheese Cabanossi 6s9 x 250g120
617080001Cabaninos 3s20 x 90g120
495080301Grilled Bratwurst 8s20 x 400g120
355110301Bacon Viennas with Cheese 3s10 x 300g120
475080301Mini Bacon Viennas with Cheese 8s20 x 250g120
430080101Poultry Frankfurter 10s16 x 300g120
957113501Sliced Krustenschinken10 x 100g35
955113501Sliced Krustenschinken10 x 120g35
958113401Sliced Schinkenspeck10 x 100g60
933114501Diced Austrian Pancetta14 x 125g120