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Belgium is one of the smaller EU countries but is a very large exporter of food products to the UK. The best known are Brussels (Smooth) Pate and Ardennes (Coarse) Pate which over the years the range has been enlarged to include Duck Liver Mousse and Chicken Liver Pate among others. Belgium also produces a large range of cooked meats including Hams, Turkey, Pork and Beef and recently diversified into the manufacture of IQF bespoke frozen portions of meat for pizzas and ready meals.

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Belgian Paté - Product Ranges

Polca - Belgian Paté

21011Brussels Loaf3 x 1kg70
05011Ardennes Loaf3 x 1kg70
07011Garlic Loaf3 x 1kg70
04011Mushroom Loaf3 x 1kg70
03011Provencal Loaf3 x 1kg70
28011Duck with Orange Loaf3 x 1kg70
30011Chicken Loaf3 x 1kg56
21051Brussels Loaf2 x 2kg70
05051Ardennes Loaf2 x 2kg70
07051Garlic Loaf2 x 2kg70
04051Mushroom Loaf2 x 2kg70
03051Provencal Loaf2 x 2kg70
28051Duck with Orange Loaf2 x 2kg70
27051Duck with Port Loaf2 x 2kg70
21059Brussels Loaf2 x 1.7kg70
05059Ardennes Loaf2 x 1.7kg70
07059Garlic Loaf2 x 1.7kg70
04059Mushroom Loaf2 x 1.7kg70
03059Provencal Loaf2 x 1.7kg70
30059Chicken Loaf2 x 1.7kg56
28059Duck Loaf2 x 1.7kg70
44057Pheasant Pate2 x 1.6kg70
NEWBrussels skin packed6 x 500g70
NEWArdennes skin packed6 x 500g70
NEWGarlic skin packed6 x 500g70
NEWDuck skin packed6 x 500g70
21124Brussels oblong bowl2 x 1.5kg70
05124Ardennes oblong bowl2 x 1.5kg70
07124Garlic oblong bowl2 x 1.5kg70
04124Mushroom oblong bowl2 x 1.5kg70
03124Provencal oblong bowl2 x 1.5kg70
28124Duck oblong bowl2 x 1.5kg70
21119Brussels ceramic plate1 x 2kg70
05119Ardennes ceramic plate1 x 2kg70
07119Garlic ceramic plate1 x 2kg70
28119Duck ceramic plate1 x 2kg70
47024Mousse de Canard black oblong2 x 1.5kg70
14072Pear shaped ceramic2 x 1.5kg70
06069Apple shaped ceramic2 x 1.5kg70
16067Pineapple shaped ceramic2 x 1.5kg70
28038Orange shaped ceramic2 x 1.5kg70
09044Onion shaped ceramic2 x 1.5kg70
45058Game Pate oblong plastic2 x 1.5kg70
57124Chicken Liver (plastic oblong)2 x 1.5kg70

Polca - Belgian Paté (Retail)

47081Mousse de Canard Oblong Bowl12 x 250g70
47084Mousse de Canard Oblong Bowl3 x 1kg70
05081Ardennes White Oblong Bowl12 x 250g70
21081Brussels White Oblong Bowl12 x 250g70
07081Garlic White Oblong Bowl12 x 250g70
28081Duck White Oblong Bowl12 x 250g70
05085Ardennes Slice24 x 170g40
21085Brussels Slice24 x 170g40
28085Duck Slice24 x 170g40
07085Garlic Slice24 x 170g40
03085Provencal Slice24 x 170g40
04085Mushroom Slice24 x 170g40
02085Green Peppercorn Coarse Slice24 x 170g40
22085Green Peppercorn Smooth Slice24 x 170g40
05089Ardennes D-Shape12 x 170g40
21089Brussels D-Shape12 x 170g40
28089Duck D-Shape12 x 170g40
03089Provencal D-Shape12 x 170g40
04089Mushroom D-Shape12 x 170g40
02089Green Peppercorn Coarse D-Shape12 x 170g40
22089Green Peppercorn Smooth D-Shape12 x 170g40
Ardennes Portion24 x 75g40
Brussels Portion24 x 75g40
Chicken Liver Portion24 x 75g40
Smooth Cranberry Portion24 x 75g40
Pork with Duck Liver & Orange Portion24 x 75g40
Pork Liver & Wild Boar Portion24 x 75g40
8 Months Frozen – Allow 14 days
Ardennes Pate Oval Pot24 x 60g65
Brussels Pate Oval Pot24 x 60g65
Chicken Liver Pate Oval Pot24 x 60g65
8 Months Frozen – Allow 14 days
Duck Liver Mousse & Orange with Gelatine
24 x 60g65
Duck Liver Mousse & Cranberry with
Gelatine Topping
24 x 60g65