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Danish prepared meats and salamis are influenced by the seafaring history of the Danish people when salting and pickling became second nature in order to preserve their meats. Danish Salami is made the same way as it was centuries ago using beetroot juice to achieve its distinctive red colouring and up to the 1970’s was probably the best known salami in the UK. To accompany the Salami’s and Pepperoni’s is a vast array of premium cooked and smoked meats including Pork Loins and Rare Roast Beef.

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Danish Delicatessen - Product Ranges

Bunkenborg - Chilled Danish Cooked Meats

60007Danish Pepperoni 40mm Chubb10 x 450g180
60036Danish Salami 42mm Chubb20 x 170g180
60037Salami with Cognac 42mm Chubb20 x 170g180
60039Salami with Rum 42mm Chubb20 x 170g180
60038Salami with Red Wine 42mm Chubb20 x 170g180
60040Pepperoni 42mm Chubb20 x 170g180
60041Chorizo 42mm Chubb20 x 170g180
60022Juniper Smoked Salami12 x 350g180
60131Pepperoni Sliced long trays12 x 100g60
60132Salami Sliced long trays12 x 100g60
60133Pepperoni Sliced 42mm square pack12 x 100g60
60134Salami Sliced 42mm square pack12 x 100g60
60136Chorizo Sliced square pack12 x 100g60
60142Sliced Pepperoni12 x 80g60
60184Sliced Pepper Coated Salami 12 x 80g 90
60149Sliced Danish Salami12 x 100g60
60147Sliced Danish Salami24 x 140g90
60145Sliced Danish Salami10 x 250g90
60024Sliced Danish Salami6 x 500g180
60025Sliced Pepper Coated Salami6 x 500g90
60812Sliced Pastrami 12 x 80g25
60825Sliced Pastrami 6 x 500g25
60810Whole Pastrami 8 x 2.5kg25
60019Danish Salami 85mm 4lb6 x 1.814kg180
60809Garlic Sausage Sliced10 x 1kg270 FR
60104Sliced Pepperoni 42mm10 x 1kg180
60305Mini Pepperoni 17mm10 x 1kg270 FR
60505Canadian Bacon Sliced10 x 1kg270 FR
61060Sliced Beef Carpaccio “Starter for Two“8 x 110g25
60998Sliced Halal Roast Beef Topside4 x 500g25
60999Sliced Halal Roast Beef4 x 500g25
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