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Germany is very well known as a producer of Hams, Salamis and sausages. The Westphalian Ham from the Northern regions is delicately salted and smoked and is generally supplied boneless. From the South of Germany we can delight in the heavily smoked Hams of the Black Forest, served thinly sliced with cream cheese on Rye Bread. German Salamis are nearly always produced from pork with a little beef and slightly smoked over Beechwood, recently to offer variety they have been coated with herbs, crushed black pepper or paprika. German slicing sausages come in a wide variety from Beirwurst, aptly named because it is nearly always eaten as a cold sliced meat when drinking beer, the famous grilling sausages such as Bratwurst (white sausage), originally veal but now made from pork, frankfurters made from either beef or pork and smoked, possibly the original Hot Dog. These grilling sausages are sold on every street corner in Germany as a regular fast food.

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German Delicatessen - Product Ranges

Brennecke - Salami from Germany

35518Frankfurters10 x (10 x 35g)90
35537Jumbo Frankfurters10 x (5 x 75g)90
35508Frankfurters10 x (10 x 30g)90
35522Skinless Pork Frankfurters7 x (20 x 75g)50
35328Jumbo Frankfurters7 x (12 x 115g)60
3556360% Hot Dog 345mm15 x (10 x 70g)60
35843Kasekrainer (Cheese) Frankfurter10 x (10 x 50g)65
18006Bratwurst10 (10 x 100g)28
10018Bratwurst10 x (5 x 100g)60
10408Bockwurst10 x (5 x 100g)60
11478Bratwurst15 x (2 x 100g)60
10398Bockwurst15 x (2 x 100g)60
10518Premium Bratwurst5 x (5 x 100g)60
10412Premium Bockwurst5 x (5 x 120g)60
35354Currywurst10 x (5 x 100g)40
11973Bratwurst 10 x (4 x 90g)60
11978Cheese & Bacon Bratwurst 10 x (4 x 90g)60
11988Jalapeno Bratwurst 10 x (4 x 90g)60
11203Wiener10 x (6 x 50g)24
11253Wiener6 x (20 x 50g)24
10563Schinkenkrakauer10 x (4 x 75g)60
10568Cheese Schinkenkrakauer10 x (4 x 75g)60
11908Schinkenkrakauer – Boxed15 x (2 x 100g)60
10258XXL Hot Dog – 1lb!10 x (2 x 450g)25
11952Beef Hot Dogs(8 x 100g)50
Available Frozen – minimum order 350kg