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Italians are famous for their love of art but most of all their love of food which is successfully exported all over the world. From Emelia Romagna the region surrounding the city of Parma the air is pure and just the right temperature for drying the famous Parma Ham, having only four ingredients pork, salt, air and time. To be eligible for the Ducal Crown the pigs must have been reared, slaughtered, cured and dried in the Parma region. Italian Salamis are made from pure pork and depending whether they are from the North (Milano Salami) or the South (Napoli Salami) sometimes made with garlic or black peppercorns. One Italian sausage which has become very popular over recent years is the hot and spicy sausage known as pepperoni which probably derived from the Cacciatore (Italian spiced Hunting Sausage). Pepperoni is now widely eaten sliced on Pizza (another Italian Dish). Today Italian meats are supplied both as whole pieces or pre-sliced in retail and bulk catering packs.

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Italian Charcuterie - Product Ranges

Corte Buona - Italian Delicatessen

000024Parma Ham2 x 7.4kg180
001026Parma Ham 1/2s Boneless4 x 3.5kg180
000055Prosciutto Filo Boneless2 x 5.8kg180
030732Smoked Pancetta3 x 1.5kg90
031073Bresaola 1/2s2 x 1.5kg120
004120Napoli Salami2 x 2.3kg120
154104Milano Salami2 x 1.4kg90
150612Salami Ungherese2 x 2.8kg90
150598Ventricina Salami (Hot)2 x 2.8kg90
150520Spinata Romana2 x 2kg90
030520Spinata Calabra (Hot)2 x 2kg90
000345Mortadella 1/2s w/ Pistachio4 x 2.5kg120
000346Mortadella Modena 1/2s4 x 2.5kg120
000660Pepperoni sticks - 3's4 x 900g120
000092Coppa di Parma2 x 1.8kg120
000084Speck 1/2s2 x 2.6kg120
034320Sliced Bresaola15 x 70g90
996023Sliced Antipasto Selection10 x 70g60
034370Sliced Parma Ham15 x 80g60
034300Sliced Milano15 x 80g90
034305Sliced Prosciutto15 x 80g90
034323Sliced Coppa15 x 80g90
034344Sliced Napoli15 x 80g90
152178Sliced Spinata Romana15 x 80g60
034306Sliced Ungherese Salami15 x 80g60
034357Sliced Mortadella15 x 100g45
040004Diced Sweet Pancetta12 x 100g45
156023Sliced Antipasto Selection12 x 150g60
034310Sliced Prosciutto8 x 200g40
004176Sliced Parma Ham8 x 200g60
036202Sliced Prosciutto9 x 500g120
996110Sliced Napoli6 x 500g90
036204Sliced Milano8 x 500g90
996108Sliced Mortadella6 x 500g90
996106Sliced Speck6 x 500g90
996126Sliced Coppa6 x 500g90
996128Sliced Pancetta9 x 500g90
992156Sliced Bresaola6 x 500g60
996101Cubed Pancetta6 x 500g60
996070Sliced Pepperoni6 x 1kg60
080007Wild Boar Salami12 x 500g180
080006Herbed Lardo Val d'Elsa11 x 300g180
080009Salami Finocchiona (Fennel)12 x 500g180
090000Salsiccia Curva Piccante30 x 350g150
090003Spianatina Calabrese Piccante30 x 400g130
090006'Nduja Piccante10 x 400g130