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The SPANISH have had a love affair with the Pig for centuries. All over Spain your taste buds will be seduced by Chorizo a feisty coarse sausage flavoured with paprika or the pure pork Fuet, salted and air-dried relying on the natural meat enzymes to cure it. No one can travel to Spain and not taste the mighty Serrano Ham or the sweet flavoured Iberico de Bellota produced from pigs foraging for acorns in the Oak forests of Extramadura. It has been suggested that the Spanish were the inventors of ‘Fast Food’ as where-ever you have a glass of wine you are offered a Tapa a small snack, perhaps a slice of chorizo or a Pinchito (meat on a stick).

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Spanish Charcuterie - Product Ranges

Espuna - Delicatessen Meats from Spain

13380Pirineo Serrano w/ Stand & Knife1 x 7.5kg270
13260Cured shoulder w/ Stand & Knife1 x 4.7kg270
13300Iberico Serrano Ham1 x 7.5kg270
13220Boneless Serrano Ham1 x 5kg270
13330Serrano Ham Block 1/22 x 2.5kg270
13440Serrano Ham Block 1/44 x 1.4kg270
52020Fresh Chorizo Links3 x 1kg60
12120Hot Chorizo Extra6 x 1.1kg180
12125Hot Chorizo Extra 1/2s12 x 600g180
11010Cular Salchichon Salami3 x 1.4kg180
14300Cooked Smoked Pancetta2 x 3.8kg180
11070Kikon Salami12 x 250g180
12260Mild Chorizo Sarta Ring12 x 200g180
12270Spicy Chorizo Sarta Ring12 x 200g180
11100Fuet D’Olot18 x 170g180
12480Chorizo D’Olot18 x 150g150
12490Chorizo D’Olot Spicy18 x 150g150
18310XL Food Sliced Serrano12 x 340g270
38020XL Food Sliced Serrano Halves12 x 340g270
18020XL Food Sliced Bacon12 x 340g135
18470XL Food Sliced Chorizo12 x 340g270
38130XL Food Sliced Salami12 x 340g270
48650XL Food Sliced Fuet D’Olot12 x 340g270
28830XL Food Sliced Cooked Ham9 x 340g60
28320XL Food Sliced Pepperoni9 x 340g180
18940XL Food Bacon Lardons9 x 340g135
38720XL Food Julienne Serrano Ham9 x 340g270
48580XL Food Julienne Chorizo9 x 340g270
40710Tapas Choricitos Spicy 50’s6 x 330g90
40730Tapas Pinchitos with Paprika 20’s5 x 400g90
40750Tapas Pinchitos with Herbs 20’s5 x 400g90
38490Sliced Spanish Meat Assortment12 x 150g120
18300Sliced Serrano Ham18 x 100g270
28200Sliced Serrano Ham Extra Thin18 x 70g270
18410Sliced Cular Salami18 x 100g270
18460Sliced Chorizo18 x 100g270
28250Sliced Morcon18 x 80g270
28360Sliced Lomo18 x 80g270
18190Sliced Serrano Clip-Strip36 x 50g270
18050Sliced Chorizo Clip-Strip36 x 50g270
18030Sliced Cular Clip-Strip36 x 50g270
60330Tapas Sliced Chorizo Sarta15 x 60g90
60340Tapas Sliced Fuet D’Olot15 x 60g90

Espuna - Tapas

40100Choricitos 12s10 x 80g90
40110Choricitos Picante 12s10 x 80g90
40130Pork Pinchitos with Paprika 4s10 x 80g90
40150Pork Pinchitos with Herbs 4s10 x 80g90
40170Chicken Pinchitos with Lemon 4s10 x 80g90
40180Turkey Pinchitos with Paprika 4s10 x 80g90
40260Dates wrapped in Bacon 8s10 x 80g90
40270Frankfurters wrapped in Bacon 8s10 x 80g90
40280Cheese wrapped in Bacon 8s10 x 80g90
50240Cheese wrapped in Spicy Chorizo 8s10 x 80g90
50250Goats Cheese wrapped in Cured Ham 6s10 x 80g90
40560Choripinchos – Chorizo & Pork Pinchitos10 x 80g90
50920Choricitos, Frankfurter & Bacon, Pork w/ Herb
Pinchitos, Pork Pinchitos w/ Paprika
10 x 160g90
50930Spicy Choricitos, Dates in Bacon, Chicken w/
Lemon, Pork w/ Herbs
10 x 160g90
60220Choricitos, Pork w/ Herb Pinchitos, Chicken
w/ Lemon
10 x 120g90
40590Party Tapas Box – Spicy Choricitos, Dates in
Bacon, Mushroom Pinchitos
3 x 240g90
11460Mini Cañitas Fuet D’Olot18 x 27g120
12350Mini Cañitas Chorizo18 x 27g120
12410Mini Cañitas Spicy Chorizo18 x 27g120
11590Mini Cañitas Salami18 x 27g120
11690Mini Cañitas Chicken Curry18 x 24g120
Shelf Ready Display Boxes or Clip-Strips
11450Cañitas Fuet D’Olot18 x 60g120
12340Cañitas Chorizo18 x 60g120
12400Cañitas Spicy Chorizo18 x 60g120
11580Cañitas Salami18 x 60g120
11680Cañitas Chicken Curry18 x 55g120
Shelf Ready Display Boxes or Clip-Strips

Galar - Spanish Charcuterie

14040Chorizo Vela Bocadillo Mild4 x 1.6kg270
14041Chorizo Vela Bocadillo Spicy4 x 1.6kg270
11040Cooking Chorizo Mild 16s6 x 1kg90
11041Cooking Chorizo Spicy 16s6 x 1kg90
08040Salchichon Excelencia Extra4 x 1.8kg270
10040Salami Stick4 x 1.6kg270
03040Chorizo Pamplona4 x 1.6kg270
00040Cular Chorizo Mild8 x 600g270
00041Cular Chorizo Spicy8 x 600g270
05040Sarta Ring Mild20 x 200g270
05041Sarta Ring Spicy20 x 200g270
33045Pepperoni Stick25 x 150g270
05075Chorizo Stick Spicy25 x 150g270
04050Sliced Chorizo Vela Mild18 x 100g180
04051Sliced Chorizo Vela Spicy18 x 100g180
08046Sliced Salchichon Extra18 x 100g180
10042Sliced Salami18 x 100g180
33041Sliced Pepperoni18 x 100g180
13049Sliced Serrano Ham20 x 100g180
00051Mini Chorizo Bites12 x 100g180
15040Mini Fuet Bites12 x 100g180
04060Sliced Chorizo Vela Mild8 x 500g180
04061Sliced Chorizo Vela Spicy8 x 500g180
08043Sliced Salchichon Extra8 x 500g180
10045Sliced Salami8 x 500g180
13051Sliced Serrano Ham8 x 500g180
33042Sliced Pepperoni8 x 500g180
00044Diced Chorizo 10mm8 x 500g180
00052Mini Chorizo Bites8 x 500g180
15041Mini Fuet Bites8 x 500g180
00270Chorizo Slicing Bars (500kg)230 x 2.2kg270
33270Pepperoni Slicing Bars (1,000kg)230 x 2.2kg270
27001Minced Chorizo1 x 5kg90
27005Diced Chorizo1 x 5kg90
27007Sliced Sarta Coin2 x 2kg180