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Managing Director

As Managing Director of Minster Fine Foods, I am very lucky to be involved in all aspects of the business, from sourcing products to the ever-important sales process.

Commercially astute and highly experienced in the development and sales of food products, I have a real passion for food, from eating it to understanding production methods from beginning to end. Alongside a love of traveling and meeting new people, this is the perfect job for me.

I am also the Managing Director of a new company called Vlevy UK, which specialises in the supply of cooked meat ingredients to the food industry.

Prior to my career at Minster, I worked at the beginning of the food chain in farming – this was where my love of food started! I joined Minster in 1999 as an office junior and soon progressed into the sales force. With a lot of mentoring from Ann and Richard – the then-owners of the company – I soon developed my sales technique before progressing into all other aspects of the business.



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