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Pizza is now sold in nearly every country of the world, and is probably the most popular food on the planet.

The world’s first pizzeria opened in 1830 in Naples, Italy. It was called the Pizzeria Brandi and still exists today. The Margherita pizza was invented there in 1889, in honour of Margarita of Savoy the queen of Italy. It was made of mozzarella, basil and tomato sauce to reflect the colours of the Italian flag.

Ever since this date we have had an avalanche of innovation in Pizza Toppings. From staples such as ham, pepperoni, salami,meatballs, spicy beef, chicken to more innovative toppings such as Italian sausage crumb, lamb stamps, sliced hot dogs to name but a few. Identifying that end users are now looking for more unusual flavour profiles we are now were seeing the market move towards pulled meats with Tex Mex flavours, chorizo, Moroccan chicken, Premium steak toppings. USA flavors are another up and coming trend. The ever expanding range will no doubt entice more and more adventurous diners to the pizza sector.

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Pizza Toppings - Product Ranges

Vlevy - Pizza Toppings from Belgium

193684Topino Pizza Ham 65% Julienne10 x 1kg365
193934Topino Pizza Ham 65% Stamps10 x 1kg365
193994Topino Premium Ham 70% Julienne10 x 1kg365
193813Topino Premium Ham 70% Stamps10 x 1kg365
192890Topino Sliced Pork Pepperoni 42mm10 x 1kg365
194117Topino Diced Chorizo 8mm4 x 1kg365
193688Topino Canadian Bacon 80% Sliced 40mm10 x 1kg365
193693Topino Diced Cooked Pork Sausage10 x 1kg365
191150Topino Sliced Spicy Pork Sausage 35mm10 x 1kg365
193691Topino Smoked Pizza Bacon 26/10/310 x 1kg120
192454Spicy Pork Meat Balls 3g1 x 10kg365
193033Diced Chorizo 8mm1 x 10kg365
779152Garlic Sausage Chubb20 x 400g180
193697Salimah Halal Cured Turkey Julienne10 x 1kg365
193699Salimah Halal Cured Turkey Stamps10 x 1kg365
199060Salimah Sliced Halal Beef Pepperoni 42mm10 x 1kg365
192896Salimah Sliced Halal Salami 42mm10 x 1kg365
192896Salimah Halal Spicy Beef Diced 5/5/710 x 1kg365
193709Salimah Halal Smokey Sausage10 x 1kg365
193452Salimah Halal Turkey Rashers10 x 1kg365
193713Salimah Halal Spicy Meat Balls10 x 1kg365
192192Salimah Halal Spicy Beef Chunks10 x 1kg365
193715Salimah Halal Round Turkey Bacon10 x 1kg365
192819Salimah Halal Plain Chicken Diced 10mm10 x 1kg365
192716Salimah Halal Spicy Chicken Diced 10mm10 x 1kg365
192714Salimah Halal Tandoori Chicken Diced 10mm10 x 1kg365
192718Salimah Halal Chinese Chicken Diced 10mm10 x 1kg365
193242Salimah Halal BBQ Chicken Diced 10mm10 x 1kg365
193243Aminah Halal Cured Turkey Julienne10 x 1kg365
193247Aminah Halal Beef Pepperoni Sliced 42mm10 x 1kg365
193249Aminah Halal Spicy Beef Diced 5/5/710 x 1kg365